What Can I Do

from by Micah Bournes



Yeah I heard what he said and true, it's really sad but what can I do?
The answer is the question. What can you do, well? No skill is insignificant.
Whether you wax eloquent or wax cars, wax on for the cause.
The good Lord has given many gifts. Are all apostles? Are all prophets? If the whole
body were an eye how would we hear? And if we were all ears how would we smell? So
don't tell me what you're not or don't got or can't do. But serve God just how He made

If you've got a green thumb,
then grow a lemon tree and take a lemonade stand.
All proceeds go to the refreshment of man.
I like to write poems, maybe you can write grants.
And you can write songs, maybe you should start a band.
And you can play the drums.
And you can play guitar,
and yall can make a record that'll cut ya to the heart.
And you know how to talk,
maybe you can give a speech,
And educate the people bout the evil till they weep.
You like to organize. You got a bunch of friends.
So yall should get together and put on a conference.
I heard about a band that'll play for really cheap.
I got another homie who can help us with the drinks.
And then I know a speaker, man that boy can really preach.
Invite alot of people who can do a lot of things.
And once they get to talking, bada bam, bada bing.
The movement really movin' and the people wondering
"What can I do?" I say, “you tell me.”


from The Man Without A Name, released February 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Micah Bournes Long Beach, California

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