Why should I fear tell me why should I frown
You wont allow them to bring me down
I'm so secure when Your love surround me, surround me
Though I feel like I will drown, turbulence is all around
I'm so secure when Your love surround me
Yeah, yeah
I love it when You love love all around me.

Where can I go from Your Spirit where can I flee
from your presence, If I fly into heavens
or dig deep into the earth,
If I rise up like the dawn and settle on a
different shore,
even there you would
surround me with omnipresent amour, Uh
That's what the Psalm say
But is it really true?
Cause I can feel the pain
But I ain't feelin' You.
And I can see these wounds
but You invisible.
Are You even listening? I'm pouring out my very soul.
I open up the Word lookin' for relief,
I see a buncha' godly folk who suffer more
than me, rejected and betrayed, enslaved and
diseased, imprisoned, decapitated
they still believed.
And though the Father Loved the Son, He
suffered more than anyone.
Cause love does not keep you from pain
but it will help you overcome.
Even if they kill my flesh I need not
be afraid ‘cause Your love will resurrect
me up into my glory days

Can I be honest with the Lord
Right now I'm sick and tired of these pills
I hate being ill, the pain that I feel
My faith is rocking and it's hard to be still
Spirit of God, got me reading the Book of Job
Psalms like medicine good for the soul
Use to be on the high now I'm on the low
Trouble all around me, hold me now cause I am about blow
You said You love me and You give life abundantly
So when the storm come, just stand stand and hold faith
Don't look to the left to the right, it's me alone You looking for
Son you have to go through the fire if you wanna grow
Me celebrate because you greater
You count my tears with your calculator, uh
So blessed be the name of the Lord, the one who looks for the lowly and gives hope to the poor.

No matter what we win the race
a Jesus Him, open the gate
He tell me that He is never late
So excuse me while I cut my cake.


from 820 North LaSalle EP, released February 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Micah Bournes Long Beach, California

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