As the old truth says,
give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day.
Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a life time.
But if you love a man by the power of Christ,
he can multiply the fish to feed the multitudes
far more than physical food.
The world needs relief,
not just bread and money.
You can fill a man's stomach and he still be hungry.
You can give a man dollars and he still need change.
You can change a man's clothes and his filth remains.
So what is our aim? What should it be?
to build schools and dig wells in hell,
then leave?
Do we merely seek to keep ‘em alive
or keep ‘em living?
Do we give ‘em a house, or a hammer and a vision?
A brand new perspective.
A mind that rejects all the lies that attempt
to confine and oppress.
People need the truth of God that sets free,
to know that their groans have reached the heavenlies,
and when God heard them he reached the hearts of his
servants and broke them because hearts love better broke.
Broke them so they go,
yes with food
yes with clothes
but most, with hope.
Most to show the ones who mourn that God is for them.
Who can stand against?
When our aim is to love,
the battle’s a sure win.
Each well we dig will dry.
Each home we build fold
but souls healed by the love of
God remain forever whole.
Motivation for our labor is greater than
fantasies of utopia. We know, until his kingdom come
The sorrows of this world will increase,
but Christ has overcome the world.
My Lord, what a relief.


from The Man Without A Name, released February 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Micah Bournes Long Beach, California

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