Nine to Five

from by Micah Bournes

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You know I love you mama
But I’m glad I didn’t listen
you wasn’t hatin'
you just couldn’t see what I given
tunnel vision
when you got somethin' you GOTTA do
don’t worry if others blind
to what heaven revealed toyou

See I, aint nothin special
not claimin' to be prophetic
just faithful with what I’m given
forever makin investments

never burying treasure
steady plantin' the seed
what’s a trunk full of paper
to a world full of trees

never chasing the fame
always chasing the dream
if you don’t believe in dreamin
then homie you don’t believe

“Thy will be done on earth
as it is in eternity”
we be dreamin the kingdom
till ghettos got gold streets

“Thy will be done on earth
as it is in eternity”
we be livin’ the kingdom
till ghettos got gold streets

Let’s do the math.
24 hours in a day, 8 of which we spend working, often more.
Meaning we fork a third of our lives
over to whatever we call a job.
Don’t get me wrong I aint hatin’ on
nobody wit a nine to five
but that’s too much time to spend doing
something that means nothing to you.
If you love your grind then keep on
But I’m speakin’ to those who did
everything right and still hate life.
I’m speaking to those who realized the
American Dream can be a nightmare.
I’m speaking to those with joyless success.
Who didn’t expect success to mean
workin’ a job they hate for several decades.
One that pays enough to take care of
the kids but takes so much time you don’t know them.
Who didn’t know success meant spending
the last twenty years of your life using up all the money you saved in the
first fifty.
Who didn’t know success meant safety,
and comfort,
and convention.
Taking no risks and doing what is
accepted, expected.
Having theoretical faith but making no
moves that might put it into practice.
If this, is success, then you can have
it. I’ll be free.
I still got some Peter Pan in me.
And that’s what God intended
cause Christ said the kingdom belongs
to those who become like children.
But we’re taught to grow up,
to stop dreaming, stop believing that things can change.
The world has a way of eroding our faith.

Our parents were hippies and black panthers
musicians and painters
dreamers and revolutionaries
in their younger days
and it’s scary to see how easy it is to
become an atheist.
To call hope naivete
faith ignorance
miracles trickery
deceit reality.

Vanity of vanities what does man gain
by all the toil at which he toils under the sun?

Who says what’s real when we’re so
What is a real job in a fake world?

What is a real job in a fake world?
What is a real job in a fake world?

I don’t know…


from Alive & Ill, released June 25, 2014
Sponsored by World Relief
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by E.M.J. of AlterBoy Productions
Album artwork by Lindsey Taylor



all rights reserved


Micah Bournes Long Beach, California

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