God love the ghetto
live it like you preach
Blessed be the poor
Blessed be the hungry
Blessed if you mourn
Blessed if you want peace
Blessed be the ghetto
Blessed be the streets

Ghetto ghetto ghetto
Ghetto ghetto yeah
The ghetto we love
For the ghetto we pray

Ghetto ghetto ghetto
ghetto ghetto yeah
From JA to the USA.

Let me set the record straight
I am not claiming to be gangster
Moody Bible Institute communications major
got my bachelor of arts in May two thousand ten
and I read Soren Kierkegaard and Dietrich Bonhoeffer
for kicks. But I grew up in the LBC
and used to want to be a G but
gangsterness is inconsistent with my Christianity
Speaking of consistency,
How can we say that we read, and obey the Scripture
if we don't love those in poverty.
Pure and undefiled religion, Jesus living at its core
Caring for the widow and the orphan, let me bring it home
Caring for the baby mama, ghetto boys without
a father, bringing hope into bottom
Let 'em know that Jesus got 'em.
Give 'em Christ holistically, bread of life and bread to eat
train 'em in the Word of God, meaning teach 'em how to read
how to work how to serve, how to get and keep a job
if we do not love the ghetto we don't got the heart of God.

Take the Gospel to the hood, both at home and abroad,
ghettos all around the planet India to Senegal, Houston
in that 3rd Ward, (generation 1) no it is not either or,
Love the poor locally and globally just like our
Lord. No we cannot do it all, but we all can do it
if we committed to using what the Spirit distributed.
Each Christian has a gift, but we got it just to give
so let's go into the ghetto making everybody rich,
with that eternal treasure, not the kind you
you hoard and save, but the kind that only grows
when you giving it away. The ghetto is a harvest
but the workers are afraid, we'd rather send donations
and remain where we are safe. But if we follow Jesus
don't you know He's gonna lead us right into the ghetto
eating with the prostitutes and tweakers. So get up off
your keaster, yeah I said it you can laugh, I told you
I was not gangsta but the ghetto's where it's at.

The ghetto is a place, where Jesus used to live
So tell me why some Christians are not reaching them?


from 820 North LaSalle EP, released February 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Micah Bournes Long Beach, California

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