They want to see me dead, fall
They love it when my back against the wall
They want to see me beg, crawl
And lose my head, and always drop the ball
See you, you're not good to me, you don't care for me, you're not here for me

You think them easy
All of them want to kill and poison me
They bring distraction to idle me.
Like they don't know who died for me
Lion of Judah me serve, no puppy
So I don't cater or respond for no duppy
We are God bless, you don't born lucky
Kingdom citizen, we not from gully

They want to see tears a fall
And we give up and lose it all
Them love it when we ball
But Yeshua we call, God don't sleep
They want I man soul
They want me to be boxed up and cold
But it's Jesus' blood who surrounds me
From the enemy knocking on my door.


My heart is what they after, me they want to kill
They don't want to see me prosper
Disappear like Casper
You know what I say, you can not touch my family
In God's name, they cannot touch Tyshane
God is my strength, we don't walk lame
Send prayers in the sky like plane
And watch the blessings just fall like rain

God set a table in the presence of my enemies.
Surrounded by demons but I rejoice in the victory.
I can see the chariots of fire on the mountain
like Elisha when he was stuck up in the city of Dothan.
He wasn't trippin' even though his enemies encircled
him because his eyes were open to the Power that
was helping him. GOD ALMIGHTY! No devil compare,
I repeat the name of Jesus 'cause they tremble when
they hear.


from 820 North LaSalle EP, released February 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Micah Bournes Long Beach, California

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