Confident Uncertainty

from by Micah Bournes

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A nice, simple, life.

My dreams seemed quite attainable.
No grandiose fantasies of fame,
just me, a wifey-boo
a few chirrin and a steady
paycheck is all I wanted.
And I had a nice, simple, life-plan to ensure
I would become the man I’m supposed
to be but there was one thing,
I forgot to factor in; Life.

See somehow in all my preparation
I forgot to prepare for the things
you can't prepare for,
then all of a sudden someone
bust down my door
like popos at a crack house
and next thing I know
I’m on the ground with my
arms held behind my back
begging Death not to murder me
'cause I was sure it was he who had come
but a voice cried out
"No this is Life, son!"

Life get off me right now!
This is not part of the plan!

Then Life laughed and said, "Who told you that
you tell me what to do?"

I paused, and before I could respond Life answered
"Exactly, now, what you up to?"

"What am I up to?! I was trying to live
out my nice, simple, life-plan
until someone named Life came in
and started ruining my life."

"Ruining your Life? I am your life.
And I might not be what you
expected but difficult is not synonymous
with destructive, I'm not ruining anything.
And you might think your
nice simple plan got me
all figured out but
I'm only nice sometimes, I'm definitely
not simple, and good luck trying to plan for me.
So before you start with the accusations you better recognize
who you talking to. My NAME is Life, and you got me all riled up,
but I'm on your side.
So, you can lie here arguing with me for
the rest of me, or you can get up and we'll get outta here,
I suggest you choose quickly 'cause death is on
his way and we aint got time to waste."

"Ohhh my bad Life,
no disrespect,
but I got one question,
where are we goin'?”

Life grinned with confident uncertainty
as he walked by faith toward the open door,

Inhaling a deep breath of himself, he confessed,

"Only God Knows."


from Alive & Ill, released June 25, 2014
Sponsored by World Relief
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by E.M.J. of AlterBoy Productions
Album artwork by Lindsey Taylor



all rights reserved


Micah Bournes Long Beach, California

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