820 North LaSalle EP

by Micah Bournes & Tyrone Andrew

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released February 21, 2013

Surrounded and Dream Produced by Shadowville.com

Ghetto Ghetto, Encamp, and Youngsta Cypha Produced by Tyshane Thompson and 808 & Elite.

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered By E.M.J. of alterboy productions. alt-boy.com

Album Artwork by Ariel T. Bournes and Tyre Jones



all rights reserved


Micah Bournes Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Surrounded
Why should I fear tell me why should I frown
You wont allow them to bring me down
I'm so secure when Your love surround me, surround me
Though I feel like I will drown, turbulence is all around
I'm so secure when Your love surround me
Yeah, yeah
I love it when You love love all around me.

Where can I go from Your Spirit where can I flee
from your presence, If I fly into heavens
or dig deep into the earth,
If I rise up like the dawn and settle on a
different shore,
even there you would
surround me with omnipresent amour, Uh
That's what the Psalm say
But is it really true?
Cause I can feel the pain
But I ain't feelin' You.
And I can see these wounds
but You invisible.
Are You even listening? I'm pouring out my very soul.
I open up the Word lookin' for relief,
I see a buncha' godly folk who suffer more
than me, rejected and betrayed, enslaved and
diseased, imprisoned, decapitated
they still believed.
And though the Father Loved the Son, He
suffered more than anyone.
Cause love does not keep you from pain
but it will help you overcome.
Even if they kill my flesh I need not
be afraid ‘cause Your love will resurrect
me up into my glory days

Can I be honest with the Lord
Right now I'm sick and tired of these pills
I hate being ill, the pain that I feel
My faith is rocking and it's hard to be still
Spirit of God, got me reading the Book of Job
Psalms like medicine good for the soul
Use to be on the high now I'm on the low
Trouble all around me, hold me now cause I am about blow
You said You love me and You give life abundantly
So when the storm come, just stand stand and hold faith
Don't look to the left to the right, it's me alone You looking for
Son you have to go through the fire if you wanna grow
Me celebrate because you greater
You count my tears with your calculator, uh
So blessed be the name of the Lord, the one who looks for the lowly and gives hope to the poor.

No matter what we win the race
a Jesus Him, open the gate
He tell me that He is never late
So excuse me while I cut my cake.
Track Name: Ghetto Ghetto
God love the ghetto
live it like you preach
Blessed be the poor
Blessed be the hungry
Blessed if you mourn
Blessed if you want peace
Blessed be the ghetto
Blessed be the streets

Ghetto ghetto ghetto
Ghetto ghetto yeah
The ghetto we love
For the ghetto we pray

Ghetto ghetto ghetto
ghetto ghetto yeah
From JA to the USA.

Let me set the record straight
I am not claiming to be gangster
Moody Bible Institute communications major
got my bachelor of arts in May two thousand ten
and I read Soren Kierkegaard and Dietrich Bonhoeffer
for kicks. But I grew up in the LBC
and used to want to be a G but
gangsterness is inconsistent with my Christianity
Speaking of consistency,
How can we say that we read, and obey the Scripture
if we don't love those in poverty.
Pure and undefiled religion, Jesus living at its core
Caring for the widow and the orphan, let me bring it home
Caring for the baby mama, ghetto boys without
a father, bringing hope into bottom
Let 'em know that Jesus got 'em.
Give 'em Christ holistically, bread of life and bread to eat
train 'em in the Word of God, meaning teach 'em how to read
how to work how to serve, how to get and keep a job
if we do not love the ghetto we don't got the heart of God.

Take the Gospel to the hood, both at home and abroad,
ghettos all around the planet India to Senegal, Houston
in that 3rd Ward, (generation 1) no it is not either or,
Love the poor locally and globally just like our
Lord. No we cannot do it all, but we all can do it
if we committed to using what the Spirit distributed.
Each Christian has a gift, but we got it just to give
so let's go into the ghetto making everybody rich,
with that eternal treasure, not the kind you
you hoard and save, but the kind that only grows
when you giving it away. The ghetto is a harvest
but the workers are afraid, we'd rather send donations
and remain where we are safe. But if we follow Jesus
don't you know He's gonna lead us right into the ghetto
eating with the prostitutes and tweakers. So get up off
your keaster, yeah I said it you can laugh, I told you
I was not gangsta but the ghetto's where it's at.

The ghetto is a place, where Jesus used to live
So tell me why some Christians are not reaching them?
Track Name: Encamp
They want to see me dead, fall
They love it when my back against the wall
They want to see me beg, crawl
And lose my head, and always drop the ball
See you, you're not good to me, you don't care for me, you're not here for me

You think them easy
All of them want to kill and poison me
They bring distraction to idle me.
Like they don't know who died for me
Lion of Judah me serve, no puppy
So I don't cater or respond for no duppy
We are God bless, you don't born lucky
Kingdom citizen, we not from gully

They want to see tears a fall
And we give up and lose it all
Them love it when we ball
But Yeshua we call, God don't sleep
They want I man soul
They want me to be boxed up and cold
But it's Jesus' blood who surrounds me
From the enemy knocking on my door.


My heart is what they after, me they want to kill
They don't want to see me prosper
Disappear like Casper
You know what I say, you can not touch my family
In God's name, they cannot touch Tyshane
God is my strength, we don't walk lame
Send prayers in the sky like plane
And watch the blessings just fall like rain

God set a table in the presence of my enemies.
Surrounded by demons but I rejoice in the victory.
I can see the chariots of fire on the mountain
like Elisha when he was stuck up in the city of Dothan.
He wasn't trippin' even though his enemies encircled
him because his eyes were open to the Power that
was helping him. GOD ALMIGHTY! No devil compare,
I repeat the name of Jesus 'cause they tremble when
they hear.
Track Name: Dream
Little girl tell me why you're scared
Why you writing in you hope soon to be dead
Is it because of the stuff that your papa did
Took your innocence, now you're taking meds.
Now you're here, you don't even want to be nothing
Is it because your mama said you ain't nothing
Put that garbage in the back, skinny dirty trash
These the words that will haunt you
When you're in the class
How in the world you gonna study
How you do the math
But you put a smile on
Girl that's a mask, I see you moving fast
You trying to push forward but then you think about pass
Hoping you can blast off, but the time slow, pause
And you stay rolled up, meat ball
Tears flowing Niagara falls
I pray you dream girl
I pray you stand tall

Say I dream. Say I dream forever

Lil' bro what you scared of? How you get in juvey cuz?
Here with these killas, you the very opposite of thug.
He said I'm from the hood but I never been a goon.
Mamma got laid off, we was running outta food
I couldn't listen to my cryin' little sister when we
had nothin' to give her plus we bout to get evicted.
You know Chicago winter be oh so cold.
Rather do wrong than to have no home,
so I went to the dealer, slung that dope,
Made that money, paid that note.
Mama wasn't happy but she ate that soup,
until the undercover Popo came through.
No words for that,
He staring at me, stared right back.
Had no dreams of ice and nice cars
only bread and a bed. Now that he behind bars
the kid got both but he still can't sleep.
Nightmares of his family cold and hungry.
And that's a true story, I wish that it was false,
I fought back tears when I shoulda' let em flow
He didn't need jail, no that brotha' need hope
A young criminal with a heart full of gold.
And I ain't tryin' to say homie did the right thing,
He made the wrong choice but he had the right dream.

I know you hurt and you been through a lot
but be all you can be. Girl get your spell on like Akeelah the Bee.
Boy go to law school, solve the mysteries. Ya hear me?
To all my dreamers who wanna go to mars, even if you're
in the hood you can see the stars.
Ain't nothing wrong with wanting to get paid
but you ain't gotta kill if you wanna get by.
Wanna be a cop? Go ahead then do it.
As long as you don't abuse your power then lose it.
Awww. You say it's crazy, is it? Yeah, life is like a monster.
Skill it. You can be a doctor, a actor, a lawyer, even a governor
in California. I know seems like you're reaching for a lot,
just keep the Lord first and He will take you to the top.
Track Name: Youngsta Cypha (Ft. Oscar Urbina)
Eww. This beat is so sick.
You hear the static, guess your speakers couldn't handle it.
But Ima' handle this.
Pass me the mic and let me spit.
Woe is me if I don't preach the truth I been entrusted with.
Given a stewardship of that precious holy gift.
God forbid I compromise to stay politically correct.
Did not the Savior say, don't be surprised when haters hate?
If they crucified our Lord what did you think would come our way?
If you represent His name of course they gonna do you the same.
Rejoice in your suffering. Die with Him and you will reign
right with Him. If you spittin' somethin' that the world ain't trippin'
on then you ain't sayin' nothin'. This is revolutionary son.
Don't reduce it to some butterflies and music. If I just wanted a feeling
I'd do what the world was doing. We doing something new, something
different, something true. 'Cause I'm through with all the lies
my appetite is for the Truth. Truth.

(English Translation)
Our father who is in heaven, my heart is cold as ice
but this is not a game, You gave me a new heart,
You threw away the other one, Your Son is so good,
Lord I was blind, I was a classic idiot, because my love was deep in the world
You created the beautiful stars and the planets
You walked the earth with Your Sandals
I'm thirsty and hungry
I'm going to eat Your flesh and drink your blood
Lord Your people, will pray to You always,
but the people that don't believe in You will gnash all of their teeth
in the second death, in Your light I'm walking, I'm not playing, Your name I'm representing
so give Him your life,
I'm sleepy, I'm going to bed I'll see you tomorrow, God bless (PAPOS)

I'm in the Word tonight fam
I eat it up pacman
Put it in my heart medicine
So high, ceiling
I'm out the dirt, new man
Blood bought, money grand
Wanna stack my treasure up, leprechaun
Because He is always there, state farm
And none of them can fool we
The things of this world is fading away
And none of them can root we
The things of this world is fading away
I cannot do this on my own
Yeah I need Your love to guide me from my evil foes
Yeshua on the poster
Youngstas represent, like we supposed to young